Japan Develops New Filters to Increase Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency

A research team from the Kyoto University in Japan published an article in the UK's "Photon of Nature" network. They said that they have developed a special filter that can increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells by more than twice the "popularity" level. .

At present, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the most popular silicon solar cells is generally around 20%, and it is not easy to achieve a technical improvement of 30%. This is because sunlight contains light of various wavelengths, and silicon can absorb and convert it into electrical energy only at certain wavelengths of light.

Professor Nodajin and his colleagues at Kyoto University have developed a filter that only allows photoelectric conversion at specific wavelengths to pass through and illuminate solar cells at specific wavelengths, thus increasing the actual efficiency of photoelectric conversion. . The filter is made of a GaAs semiconductor film with a thickness of 6.8 nanometers sandwiched between two aluminum gallium arsenide semiconductor films. When sunlight passes through this membrane and then irradiates the solar cell, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the cell can be increased to more than 40%.

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