Why nuts are always hexagonal

Nuts (commonly referred to as screw caps) are generally hexagonal, which, in our opinion, is quite accustomed to and not surprising at all. But when you think about it, the problem arises. What is the reason why the nuts must be made hexagonal? Is the quadrilateral and triangular shape quite good? To find out who created the first hexagonal nut, it seems that It is no longer possible. A book about machine parts will not mention who discovered it. In fact, it is not who invented it, but the crystallization of the intelligence of the working people, and it is the best structure derived from practice.

The hexagonal shape of the nut is mainly for ease of use and maximum use of materials. On the machine, the part where the nut is installed is sometimes not

It's quite plentiful, and the nut wrenches are very limited. The hex nut only needs to be turned by 60 degrees at a time. Can slow

Slowly tighten the nut. The square nuts need to be turned 90 degrees each time. In other words, in order to tighten the nut, the hexagon is smaller, but

The octagonal nut is easy to slip because of its small contact surface with the wrench. It is rarely used, so the hex nut is most convenient to use.

Nuts are generally milled out of round material, the same round bar, use it to do a hex nut to cut some metal less than a four-corner nut, so

Hex nuts made from round bars of the same thickness are much larger than the four-corner nuts. Generally speaking, in terms of strength, large nuts are always stronger than small ones.

It is the maximum use of raw materials. Look at the wrench again. The handle and the wrench of an ordinary wrench can both become an angle of 30 degrees so that when the nut is installed

Very narrow, when the wrench is not free to move, just flip the wrench to a nut, then turn the wrench over and pull the nut again, so repeatedly back and forth

Pull it several times to tighten the nut.

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