Small and medium-sized paint companies find the way in the cracks

Small and medium-sized paint companies find the way in the cracks With the continuous weakening of the international financial crisis, China, as an important group member of the century economy, has gradually recovered its economy. However, the speeding development of the real estate industry has also caused fatal blows to the construction-related industries in China; the fixed investment is also The most effective way for the country to stimulate economic growth, especially urban and rural construction and industrial transfer, will bring great opportunities for the construction of auxiliary industries. The construction coating industry is no exception.

At present, there are thousands of domestic paint manufacturers, and companies with competitive advantages naturally take the lead in the market competition. However, thousands of small and medium-sized paint companies are very difficult to survive in the cracks.

There must be a way out, but where is the way out?

According to my many years of practice, I summarized the three important rules of survival of SMEs for reference only.

First, to promote the brand, take the terminal; Zhang Ruimin said that the future era is the era of the terminal is king, many of the brand's realization is through the terminal to achieve brand value, so our focus is to enhance the brand, increase its own terminal The construction of channels is particularly important.

Second, technological innovation, starting from innovative technologies and products, will gradually create unique value advantages, increase the added value of product upgrades, and break the bottleneck of “low-price competition”;

Third, precision marketing, first positioning, then accurate, innovative marketing model, choose their own target consumer market, and then tailored to meet the needs of target consumer products, this is the so-called market positioning and product positioning; targeting the target market (The focus is on the 3rd and 4th markets, including townships and townships), carry out accurate channel construction and brand promotion, step by step, and gradually expand its own brand base.

The fourth is to compress costs, establish an effective marketing system and performance appraisal system, and promote the effectiveness and adaptability of various systems in the sales process.

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