Interior design should pay attention to light color health rules

How to correctly design the interior lighting color has gradually become another important thing that people consider when decorating the house. In home decoration, lighting design should not be dazzling and contrasting. First of all, the consideration is of course health, the second factor should consider coordination, and third, consider the function.

Color has a great influence on people's psychology and physiology. Generally speaking, blue can slow down the heart rhythm, adjust balance and eliminate tension; beige, light blue, light gray is good for quiet rest and sleep, easy to eliminate fatigue; red orange Yellow can make people excited and uplifting spirit; white can lower blood pressure and calmness in hypertensive patients; red can increase blood pressure and speed up breathing.

Small room: The small space should be milky white, beige, sky blue, and light curtains to make the room look wide. The color of the wall is green or blue. You can use yellow as the main lighting. If it is light yellow or beige, you can use the ceiling fluorescent lamp.

Bedroom: The light in the bedroom should be soft, quiet and dark. Do not use strong stimulating lights and colors, and avoid strong contrasts between colors. Avoid red and green.

Study: The lighting of the yellow light is more suitable for the study. The yellow light can create a broad feeling, which can excite the spirit, improve the learning efficiency, and help to eliminate and reduce eye fatigue.

Living room: It can be designed with bright and bright lighting. Since the living room is a public area, it is necessary to create a friendly and intimate atmosphere. The color should be rich, layered and artistic, which can create a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

Restaurant: You can use yellow and orange lights because yellow and orange can stimulate appetite.

Bathroom: The lighting design should be warm and soft, and create a romantic atmosphere.

Kitchen: The kitchen has a slightly higher lighting requirement. The lighting design is as bright and practical as possible, but the color is not too complicated. We can use some hidden fluorescent lamps to illuminate the kitchen countertop.

The corner of the room is usually a place with dark light. It can be decorated and adjusted with a milky white and light yellow table lamp at the corner. For the south house with poor lighting, it is a good choice to use light goose yellow. People feel warm and intimate.

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