The flowering period is the best time to control corn mites

When it comes to corn mites, it is not a farmer's friend who always feels helpless. It is one of the most destructive pests on the earth, which seriously harms the normal growth of corn, especially in the middle and late stages of corn growth. In addition, corn locusts are still Can spread a variety of grassy cereal viruses, then how to prevent corn borers?

The damage of corn borers

The characteristics of corn aphids are that if the scorpion sucks the plant tissue juice, it will cause the leaves to turn yellow or red, affecting the growth and development, and the plants will die when severe. The corn borer clusters in the heart leaves, secreting honeydew when the leaves are damaged, and produces black mold. On compact corn, it mainly harms male flowers and upper 1-5 leaves. The lower leaves are lightly damaged, sucking the sap of corn, causing the leaves to turn yellow and die, often causing the leaves to become black and mild, affecting photosynthesis and reducing grain weight. Transmission of viral diseases has resulted in reduced production.

In the middle and late stages of corn growth, the average temperature is 23°C-25°C, and the precipitation in the first half is less than 20mm. In the field where weeds are heavier, corn borer is also more serious. Before the corn is plucked, it has been clustered in the heart leaves to breed. After the males are squirmed, they spread to the tassels and the ears are breeding. The flowering period is the most favorable period for the breeding of the corn blasts. Therefore, the control period should be before the corn plucking. The main control methods in production:

1. Clear the weeds in the field in time to reduce the source of insects.

2. In the heart stage of corn, when the rate of sorghum is 50%, and the amount of sputum is more than 3,000, 50% anti-converse WP, 40% omethoate emulsifiable concentrate or 10% imidacloprid WP can be used. The agent is treated with water spray.

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