The place where the disc buckle is easy to break

Scaffolding scaffolding breaks easily

With the development of China’s economy, the increase in population, urbanization is more and more obvious, the development of the construction industry is also getting faster, and the potential problems with scaffolding used on construction sites are also becoming more and more frequent. In order to avoid potential dangers, we suggest that you check regularly.

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1, the most important thing is to check the scaffolding capacity. In the long-term use, due to wind and rain erosion, the carrying capacity of the scaffold will inevitably drop, so remember to check the scaffolding capacity.

2, the disk check: the appearance of damage is easily found, so remember to check the disk. The problem with the disk is mostly the hole in the connection part of the scaffold. This is a hidden place. It is easy to find problems and not be discovered, so we must remember to check it.

3, welding firmness inspection, this is also a particularly prone to problems, so we must remember.

4, surface treatment, surface treatment related to scaffolding life, in order to be able to better use, but also remember to check a place.

Basically, through the regular inspection of these prone areas, many hidden dangers can be avoided. I hope everyone can use the wheel scaffolding safely for their own happiness and their families.

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