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SOHO (Small Office Home Office) is not a new word anymore. Instead of rushing out of the house at 8 o'clock, it is not necessary to live in a stereotype of 9 or 5, work in the study, work in the bedroom, or work in a silk pajamas. ... This is a bit of SOHO family fun. Xiao Bian today introduced to you the knowledge of home office design skills and office feng shui layout.

Home office concept

Home Office promotes a holistic concept that combines furniture, home office equipment, interior decoration, space utilization and other factors, and uses the advantages of computers and modern Internet to create a comfortable and relaxing home office, learning and entertainment environment. Space, creating a new kind of life. Therefore, the decoration of a home office must first deal with the conflicts between the home atmosphere and the office atmosphere, and coordinate the two as much as possible.

Home Office Design Tips

When designing a home office, it is important to keep the balance of the overall structure of the house. The rooms must be clearly separated from each other because of different functions. Even though the room that is the office is part of the entire house, when you want to rest, you can Close the door of the room to form another separate comfortable rest space.

It's best to design your workshop or study near the main entrance. There are eight aspects to its design skills:

1. Learning in an orderly manner will greatly benefit you.

2. Keep the room tidy and orderly, because cluttered rooms can make your thinking unclear.

3. Keep the air in the room fresh and ventilate the room every day. Do not let the exhaust gas in the room accumulate.

4. Remember to close the door of the workplace after each day's work.

5. Make sure that the facilities in the room are working properly. If there is a Sun exchange, they must be repaired or replaced immediately.

6. Try to use natural materials in the room.

7. Be sure to place orangutan wood, spider wood or emerald green wood with a cleaning effect beside the appliances to offset the electromagnetic waves harmful to the human body. You can also add an ionizer in the room to increase the negative ions in the room.

8. Square furniture helps you make decisions and work in finance; round, curved shapes can enhance your creativity.

In addition, lighting can not be ignored. When you are choosing lighting for your home office, you must want to create a comfortable environment, a light that does not have harsh lights and distracts people. When you read, write, and use computers, you need a "work lighting". For the general lighting of the surrounding environment, if you want to highlight the prizes, you will need “lighting with emphasis.” We can use two large ceiling fixtures containing energy-saving fluorescent tubes. It can provide good diffused lighting to eliminate shadows on the desktop. One of them is installed in The right side of the head, a left side above the table top, so that the light is shot from the shoulder, if the lighting is placed in front of the table will cause annoying bookcases can use a bottom lamp with energy-saving fluorescent or halogen lamps To illuminate. Install as close to the front of the cabinet as possible to avoid glare reflecting light onto the work surface, while the desk lamp can provide additional lighting for the desktop and keyboard area and properly position it to prevent computer screen reflections.

Finally, when designing home offices, the following points need to be specially considered:

1. What affairs do you often handle in your home office? Do you use this space often? Is it private? Usually, most people will use it to handle work affairs. About 17% of people will use it to do some family chores, mail processing and other miscellaneous events, and occasionally serve as visitors.

2. Determine if you need privacy. If you often deal with matters at home, you can arrange your home office in a long room on the inside. You do not need to go through the office entrance to get in and out of your family, so you can maintain privacy. If there are not many family members, the studio can be arranged in an open space and covered with curtains.

3. Include files and cabinets in consideration. Look at how many files, books, accessories, etc. you have and see which ones need to be displayed.

4, consider the arrangements of various equipment. Computers are usually necessary tools. Secondly, fax machines, photocopiers, telephones and printers should all be taken care of.

5. How big a work surface do you need? The current trend is that office furniture is mostly concealed and can be closed when not in use.

Home Office Feng Shui layout

First, the office Mingtang should not be narrow:

The office should be large and wide; from the perspective of the quiet gossip gossip, the Ming dynasty in front of the office is out of place, and being away from chanting in the gossip is a symbol of the cause. Therefore, Mingtang, which is the position in front of the office, can be said to refer directly to the future of this unit.

If the office's Mingtang is narrow and obstructed, it symbolizes that the unit has a limited future, many obstacles, and difficult development. On the contrary, if the offices inside and outside the hall are open and quiet, it means that the company or the unit has a bright future and is successful and successful.

Second, the office should not be washed in front of:

In front of the office should not be a variety of punches, such as: road punch, pole pole, big tree poles, sharp corners and so on. Otherwise, the employees or supervisors in the unit are not only easy to do things unfairly, obstructing frequent occurrences, continuous diseases, strange things happening again and again, and officials are more than tongue-in-cheek; moreover, personnel turnover is frequent and there is not enough centripetal force to keep employees.

Third, after the office seat should not be empty:

There should be backing from behind the office seats; because the backers are good, there are many nobles and supporters, and the support is strong, and the actions are well-behaved and successive; if the seats are empty, they often lack strength, physical weakness, lack of personnel stability, and lack of staff. Not significant, and even seriously affect the company's foothold.

Fourth, the office should not be obscure, lack of lighting:

The brightness of the office has a lot to do with the success of the business. The office should be well lit, bright and pleasant, so that performance can flourish and be a good person. Rewards and penalties are clear. Employees do their best and are responsible. On the other hand, dark and hazy offices often bring obstacles and disobedience, as well as fortune for the villain, negligence, and low morale of employees.

Fifth, the office should not commit a white tiger:

In feng shui theory, there is the so-called "rather than Qinglong high-chief, not white tiger chaos looked up." Said. In layman's terms, from a feng shui point of view, the office looks out towards the front. It is best that Zuo Qinglong is higher than the right white tiger; that is, the building on the left front should be slightly higher than the building on the right front, which means the entire office. Air transport often has positive developments, and all things are auspicious and all things go smoothly. On the contrary, if the right white tiger is higher than the left Qinglong, there will often be wicked people in power. The good will suffer, the official will not speak, the disaster will be piled up, the good will fall and other undesirable and negative phenomena will occur.

6. It is not appropriate to have offices around:

There should not be too tall buildings in the vicinity of the office. This will not only bring about a sense of oppression, but will even undermine the stability of the office business, create good and bad fortune, subvert the advantages that the original Fengshui Gas Authority should have, and even make employees Loss of ethical feelings, turning face and not recognizing people.

Xiaobian conclusion: Well, the above is the introduction of home office design skills and feng shui layout related knowledge. If you find it valuable, you can share it with friends and let more friends know about it. For more information, please continue to follow this site.

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