The difference between modified polyurethane products and pure thermal insulation polyurethane

The modified polyurethane rigid foam has the following characteristics:

1. Excellent water impermeability

1The modified polyurethane adopts the direct spraying technology in the construction to form a waterproof thermal insulation layer without joint seams, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of water infiltration along the gap.

2 is a structurally dense polymer microcellular foam material with a closed cell ratio of more than 95% and a self-skinning surface, which is an excellent water-impermeable material. The liquid raw material has fluidity and permeability, and can enter the crack of the base layer to foam, and acts as a sealing crack.

3 It is firmly bonded to the base layer, and the bonding strength exceeds the cracking strength of the modified polyurethane itself, so that the waterproof and thermal insulation layer is integrated with the base layer to prevent water from penetrating from the gap between the waterproof thermal insulation layer and the base layer.

2, excellent thermal insulation performance

The modified polyurethane microcellular foam has a thermal conductivity of less than 0.022w/m?k, which is much lower than the traditional thermal insulation material. It is obtained in cold storage, refrigerator and ultra-low temperature gas storage tank. Widely used.

3. Construction speed is fast!

The modified polyurethane rigid foam body is sprayed and molded on site, and the construction is convenient. The daily construction area of ​​a single machine can reach more than 1000m2, and the construction speed is 10 times that of other waterproof materials. After spraying for 30 minutes, the upper body can be solidified, and the next process can be carried out to shorten the construction period.

4, the overall cost is low

The modified polyurethane rigid foam body has multiple functions such as waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, steam separation and anti-decovering. After the layer is adopted, multiple processes and materials can be omitted, and the construction price is relatively cheap, which is equivalent to the cost of the traditional waterproof insulation construction. And the maintenance cost is low.

5, a wide range of applications

The modified polyurethane rigid foam body is suitable for a wide range of industrial and civil building roof waterproofing and heat preservation projects, especially large-area flat or shaped roofing. It is widely used in chemical production equipment and pipeline waterproofing, heat preservation, cold preservation engineering, oil and gas transmission pipelines, oil tank insulation and thermal insulation engineering.

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