Do Cabinets - Bedroom Cabinets Make renovation workers do it cheaper?

Do Cabinets - Bedroom Cabinets Make renovation workers do it cheaper?

Take an ordinary wardrobe as an example:

Length 2m × height 2.3m = 4.6m2, and the unit price is 550 yuan/m2 x 4.6m2 = 2530 yuan.

Let us go to the building materials market to see it. What about letting the manufacturer give you a whole wardrobe?

General closet door manufacturers can be responsible for making cupboards, ordinary materials only about 240 yuan / square meter, good 350 yuan per square meter / or so.

As a whole, the unit price is 350 yuan/m2 x 4.6 = 1610 yuan, which is 253~1010 = 920 yuan cheaper than workers making cupboards.

At the same time, professional cabinet manufacturers have tailor-made designers for your tailor-made, reasonable design, more convenient for your usual use.

Expert Tip: Be careful!

When buying the whole wardrobe, it is necessary to pay attention, usually manufacturers are calculated according to the projection area (that is, the length of the wardrobe × high), but some manufacturers are based on three areas (Long × height + height × width × 2) , This virtually eliminates the area of ​​the two sides, you naturally have to pay more.

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