Bamboo and wood laminate flooring - maintenance

How to maintain and maintain bamboo and wood laminate flooring

Correct use and maintenance are very important to maintain the beauty and durability of the bamboo flooring. With the development of the bamboo processing industry, more and more users use bamboo composite flooring, and consumers are increasingly recognized for this product. However, due to the fact that some users do not know much about the maintenance of the bamboo composite floor, there are occasions when complaints arise during use. Under this circumstance, it is necessary for manufacturers to do a good job in after-sales service, and consumers need to know the use of knowledge in order to maintain the interests of both the production and sales. Bamboo composite flooring should pay attention to the following points in daily use:

(1) Maintaining a ventilated and dry environment

Frequently keeping indoor ventilation, the chemical in the floor can be volatilized as much as possible, discharged to the outside, and the indoor humid air can be exchanged with the outdoor. Especially in the case of no one to live and maintain for a long time, indoor ventilation and ventilation is more important. It is common practice to open windows or doors frequently to convect air, or to use air conditioning systems and ventilation systems to create a clean, dry environment.

(2) Avoid sun exposure and rain

Some houses have sunlight or rain that can enter the indoor area directly from the window, which will cause damage to the bamboo composite floor. Sunlight accelerates the aging of paint and glue and can cause dry shrinkage and cracking of the floor. After the rainwater is wet, the bamboo absorbs moisture and causes expansion and deformation, and the floor will be mildewed. Therefore, special attention should be paid to daily use.

(3) Avoid damage to the floor surface

The paint surface of the bamboo composite floor is not only the decorative layer of the floor but also the protective layer of the floor. Therefore, the impact of hard objects, scratches of the sharp object, friction of the metal, etc., and chemicals cannot be stored indoors. In addition, indoor furniture should be handled with care when moving, and the feet of the furniture should be padded with rubber skin. In public places, carpets should be laid on the main passages.

(4) Correct cleaning and care

During daily use, the floor should be cleaned regularly to keep the floor clean. When cleaning, first clean the dust and debris with a clean broom, then wipe it with a rag that wrings out the water. If the area is too large, clean the cloth mop, then hang it up and drip the water droplets. Drag the ground. Do not wash with water, or use a wet rag or mop. If water is spilled on the ground, it should be dried immediately with a dry cloth. If conditions permit, a layer of floor wax can be applied at intervals to enhance the protection of the floor. If the paint surface is damaged, you can use the ordinary varnish to make up or ask the manufacturer to repair it.

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