Solid wood door characteristics

The color of most woods is concentrated in the soft warm color centered on orange; the lignin, one of the main chemical components of wood, has a strong absorption of ultraviolet light, and the fine unevenness of the surface of the wood can scatter light and reduce Eye fatigue and damage. The wood is moderately soft and soft, with a warm touch, good acoustic properties, temperature control, humidity control, etc., and wood processing is easy. All kinds of advantages make wood the most human-friendly wooden door material. Even in the rapid development of science and technology, new materials are emerging one after another, people still have a soft spot for wooden doors.

The materials used for wooden doors usually require drying, but the moisture content is about 12%. However, if the solid wood dewatering treatment is not enough, after the wooden door is made, the door body is easily deformed, the joint at the joint is cracked, and the door core plate shrinks and white.

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