Spring Shot Peening Technology (3)

Round spring reinforcement

The round spring, due to its spiral geometry, is more difficult to strengthen than to flatten the leaf spring. In addition, the strengthening effect of the cross-section of the round spring must be strictly evaluated to fully understand the resistance of the round spring to fatigue fracture.

The round springs are individually fed into the blasting chamber through a continuous conveyor chain system. The blasting chamber is equipped with a set of parallel roller tables. At the same time, the roller table is continuously rolled, and the round spring is rotated to move forward. This way of rotation allows the high-speed pill to flow through the loops of the round spring and onto the metal surface of the inner ring, where the stress of the round spring is most concentrated.

For applications with high capacity requirements, a reinforced device that can spray two round springs at the same time is available. The latest research and development results are based on the original shot peening equipment, combined with a number of nozzles, for the specific target of the round spring (stress concentration pleasing) more targeted, firepower concentrated shot peening.

Torsion bar reinforcement

The torsion bar reinforcement is to place the torsion bar on a skewed roller conveyor belt, and a single side rotates through the blasting chamber, and is spray-strengthened with a throwing head with a variable frequency motor.

Valve spring

Small springs, such as valve springs for engine valves, are suitable for track-type reinforced equipment. Put a piece of Almen test piece together with the processed spring part into the track type shot blasting machine. After the strengthening is completed, take out the Almen test piece and know the strength of the part according to the measured strength value.

Development of spring strengthening equipment

Industrial production is increasingly demanding to enhance consistency and repeatability of results, and its importance is self-evident. Some necessary equipment has been added to the reinforced equipment to ensure high-quality processes, such as vibrating screens, for screening projectile sizes to ensure uniform uniformity of shot size; variable-frequency motors for throwing heads to control jet speed; speed controllers for conveyor chains Adjust the injection time.

At present, more advanced, more sophisticated programs with synchronized monitoring and control functions have also been widely used in spring manufacturing to achieve real-time monitoring of process parameters and results display.

Today, the “touch screen” and computer-based operator interface replace the original buttons and indicators. The control system not only displays the various monitored process parameters simultaneously, but also allows the operator to write his own “programs” for the relevant parameters.

These programs are coded with unique codes and stored in the system for later retrieval.

In order to facilitate the routine maintenance of the maintenance personnel and the problem solving in the event of equipment failure, the equipment control system can also provide a guide to the list of all the inlets or outlets in the machine and display their current situation. This makes it easy for maintenance personnel to quickly find the location of the error and correct it in time.

The latest control system can also meet the security needs, so that people in different positions, system administrators, engineers, maintenance personnel, operators, have four different machine control permissions.

in conclusion

Spring strengthening has become a highly controllable process technology. Suppliers of spring manufacturers and spring-strength equipment are aware that such reinforcement processes, like other precision manufacturing, are increasingly demanding process consistency, repeatability and quality.

The development of technology is not limited to strengthening the mechanical properties of the equipment. The expectation that the system can provide simultaneous monitoring, display, recording and other functions is increasing day by day, aiming to improve the effect and accuracy of spring strengthening.

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