Unity and innovation to write a new chapter in the development of China's superhard materials

On October 27, 2009, at the 4th Member Congress of the China Machine Tool Industry Association Superhard Materials Branch and the 4th Board of Directors, the Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute was selected as the fourth session through the democratic general election. Superhard Materials Branch Director Unit. Zhu Feng, director of the Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute, spoke on behalf of the new council. The speech is now published as follows to readers.

Dear delegates:
The new board of directors of the China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association Superhard Materials Branch has been established. The delegates are trusted and I am elected as the chairman of the club. I sincerely thank all the delegates for their trust, support and help. I will live up to expectations. We will do our best to work together to promote the development of the superhard materials industry.
The 3rd Council of Superhard Materials Branch adhered to the purpose of the service enterprise, organized and carried out many content-rich activities, and played a positive role in promoting the rapid development of the super-hard materials industry and the continuous improvement of the industry enterprises. On the basis of the work of the previous Board of Directors, this Council will continue to serve the company as its fundamental purpose. Under the correct leadership of the General Conference and with the support of industry enterprises, the Council will further enhance service awareness and innovate service content. The role of “bridge” and “link” has been better played, and a good service platform has been constructed to create a harmonious development environment for superhard materials industry together with industry enterprises to jointly promote the further development of superhard materials industry.
During the work of the new Council, it is an important period of China's economic development. The work of the Association has a long way to go. The new Council should pay attention to doing two things in the future. First, unity, that is, on the basis of uniting all members of the association, to carry out the work of the association. Xunzi said: "Harmony is one, one is more powerful, more powerful is strong, and strong is superior." The association is a community organization, and the member units are united, and many jobs are easy to carry out; otherwise, they are not. Doing a good job of unity is two-way. It requires both member units to support and help the association work. At the same time, the council and the secretariat of the association should reflect their willingness and unity in their own practical actions. Therefore, we must all have a better mind, a big picture, and a work-oriented thinking that seeks common ground and small differences in our work. Because our common purpose is to be consistent, that is, to do a good job in the association and create a good industry environment and development platform, which is conducive to the development of the member units, and is conducive to the realization of the work situation of collective efforts to develop and work together.
The second job of the association should pay attention to the effective work, which is an issue that the association secretariat should consider. Industry companies join the association, pay membership fees, participate in the activities of the association, the basic intention is to hope to get the effective services of the association. To meet this demand, member units will be keen to participate in association activities, support, care and help the association work. Therefore, the association secretariat must first have a good position in its own work, and sincerely and enthusiastically serve the industry enterprises. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen communication with industry enterprises, understand the needs of enterprises, distinguish common needs from individual needs, and provide targeted services. In particular, it is necessary to do more work in helping enterprises improve their technical level, improve management level, improve product quality, communicate market information, and exchange policies and regulations. These are the problems that enterprises face at any stage of development. The attraction of the association to industry enterprises, the support and participation of industry enterprises to the association depend on the sincere work and effective service of the association's board of directors and the secretariat.
Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute is the national superhard materials and products engineering technology research center, superhard materials and products productivity promotion center, national abrasives quality supervision and inspection center, national abrasives standardization committee, "diamond and abrasive grinding The supporting units of industry management service agencies such as Engineering magazines have an unshirkable responsibility to promote the development of industrial enterprises. In the new chapter council, I am fortunate to be elected as the chairman unit, which is the trust and expectation of the industry enterprises. We will work hard to organize the work of the new session of the Board of Directors and the Secretariat to better serve the industry. Together with everyone, we will work together to write a new chapter in the development of China's superhard materials industry, making China a superhard material powerhouse. The desire to achieve it soon.

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