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Select the six elements suitable for rolling bearing type

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-11-20

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There are various kinds of conditions in the machine; in order to satisfy these detailed application requirements; there are different types of bearings to ensure the actual demand. According to the shape of the roll; the rolling bearings can be roughly divided into ball bearings and roller bearings. According to the primary direction of the load; it can be divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings.
There are many types of rolling bearings; the following aspects can be considered when selecting; then selected.
a. The size, direction and nature of the load: ball bearings are suitable for light loads; roller bearings are suitable for heavy loads and impact loads. When the roll shaft receives pure axial loads; thrust bearings are usually used, when the roll shaft receives pure radial When loading; usually use deep groove ball bearings or short cylindrical roller bearings, when the roll shaft receives pure radial load together; there is not much axial load; optional deep groove ball bearings, angular touch ball bearings, cones Roller bearings and self-aligning ball or spherical roller bearings, when the axial load is large; angle contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings with larger touch angles can be selected; perhaps the combination of radial and thrust bearings is used. This is especially accustomed to very high axial loads or unique requirements for greater axial rigidity.
b. Promising speed: There are big differences in the type of bearing. Under normal circumstances; bearings with small conflict and low heat generation; suitable for high speed. When drawing, it is necessary to work under the condition that the rolling bearing is below its limit speed. .
c. Rigidity: When the bearing receives the load; the bearing ring and the roll body will be elastically deformed; the deformation amount is proportional to the load; the ratio determines the rigidity of the bearing. The bearing can be pre-tensioned to improve the rigidity of the bearing. In the bearing bearing depiction; thinking about the combination and placement of the bearing can also improve the bearing stiffness of the bearing.
d. Self-aligning function and device error: after the bearing is loaded into the working position; often due to the production of error-forming devices and poor positioning. At this moment, the cause of the shaft and the thermal expansion are often caused; the bearing is subjected to excessive load; the early damage is caused. Self-aligning bearings can overcome the shortcomings caused by device errors; therefore, it is suitable for such bearings.
e. Installation and disassembly: tapered roller bearings, needle bearings and tapered roller bearings; bearing types that can be separated from the inner and outer rings (so-called separate bearings);
f. Shopping mall: Even if it is a bearing listed in the catalogue; there are certain sales in the mall, and vice versa; bearings that are not included in the catalogue are produced in large quantities. Therefore, the bearings that should be clearly used can be easily purchased.

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