What is included in the decoration industry? Prospects for the decoration industry

Nowadays, more and more buildings are being built. People are moving to the city. Therefore, there are more and more people living in buildings. Nowadays, people are required to buy houses for marriage. When they buy houses, they will be renovated. larger projects, there are a lot of little things that all we need to worry about, so the decoration industry that includes what? What are the decoration industry development prospects that? Xiao Bian below the decoration of the home network come to tell you about it.


1. What is included in the decoration industry?

Home decoration is generally divided into five major types of work: water, electricity, tiles, wood, oil.

1. Hydraulic work: As the name implies, it is responsible for the renovation of the waterway in the renovation project.

2, electrician: mainly responsible for the renovation of the circuit in the renovation project.

3, bricklayer: responsible for cement projects, such as the renovation of new homes in the shovel wall, scraping putty and brick or block and mortar masonry housing.

4, woodworking: mainly responsible for making all kinds of wardrobes, wooden doors, ceilings and so on.

5, painter: responsible for painting the wall or furniture and other paint projects.


Second, the development of the future of the decoration industry

1. The content of home decoration and decoration has also undergone great changes. First of all, the more common wall skirts disappeared from the home decoration in the past, the door sets were narrower and narrower, and the soft packs were rarely used. In the past, the cabinets that occupied the main part of the home decoration began to decrease. In the past, each room had to be hit by a wall or half-wall of wardrobes and storage cabinets. Now there are few, some families simply do not play cabinets, lockers, TV cabinets, bookcases, shoe racks, wine cabinets are furniture city to buy ready-made furniture, wooden bed the past, some families have to fight, and now basically buy the bed.

2. In the northern part of the country, in the past, each of the heating and window sills were packaged together. With the development of the home improvement, the heating was changed from a large bag to a small bag. Now it is developed without a package, or using geothermal heating, or replacing aluminum alloys and processes. Radiator. The content of home improvement has undergone changes from complex to simple from cumbersome to simple. The decoration projects are gradually decreasing, and the finished products are gradually increasing. We believe that the future home decoration will simply hang some sheds on the site and handle the wall treatment. Etc., more furniture-related renovation projects have been replaced by finished products. People began to pay more attention to the purchase of indoor decorations, crafts and flower bonsai.

3, product intelligence, with the improvement of the quality of life requirements, a variety of smart products began to appear in our lives, to provide more convenience for our lives. Smart ware is no exception. The intelligent products with multi-functional, personalized, humanized and stylized products will add color to people's daily life. They will be favored by consumers. People choose bathroom products. Not only is it attracted by design and sales methods, product intelligence has become an important reference factor for consumers to choose products.

The decoration of the house is also more common nowadays, because now people buy more new houses, the more and more, then the decoration industry includes what is going on with its prospects. I think everyone has read the above small series and probably understands it. If you still want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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