What are the types of pan/tilt in the monitoring system?

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The gimbal is a mounting platform consisting of two AC motors that can move horizontally and vertically. But pay attention to what we call the PTZ is different from the PTZ in the photographic equipment. It is a common back-end device in security monitoring systems. It is divided into fixed and electric pan/tilt. The fixed gimbal is suitable for the case where the monitoring range is not large. After installing the camera on the fixed gimbal, the horizontal and vertical angles of the camera can be adjusted. After the best working posture is reached, the adjustment mechanism can be locked.


The electric pan/tilt is suitable for scanning and monitoring a wide range, which can expand the surveillance range of the camera. The high-speed attitude of the electric pan/tilt is realized by two execution motors, and the motor receives the signal from the controller to accurately position it. Under the action of the control signal, the camera on the gimbal can automatically scan the surveillance area or track the monitored object under the control of the monitoring center.

There are many types of pan/tilt:

According to the use environment, it is divided into indoor type and outdoor type. The main difference is that the outdoor type sealing performance is good, waterproof, dustproof and load-bearing.

It is divided into side loading and lifting according to the installation method, that is, whether the gimbal is installed on the ceiling or on the wall.

According to the shape, it is divided into ordinary type and spherical type. The spherical head is placed in a hemispherical and spherical protective cover. In addition to preventing dust from interfering with images, it is also concealed, beautiful and fast.

When selecting the PTZ, consider the installation environment, installation method, working voltage, load size, and also consider the performance price ratio and the appearance of the appearance and other factors.

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