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SKF ball screw - new linear drive product

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Following the development of a new type of ball screw by Nippon Seiko (NSK Bearing) and NTT (NTN Bearing); Sweden SKF Bearing has successfully announced a compact layout; easy to use; and a long life of integrated ball screw; the product has The rotating nut depicts the precise positioning of the supply; it can be considered that the linear drive product supplies high speed for a long time; the need for low-noise linear motion; the linear speed is up to 110m/min; it is widely used in packaging and automation systems; laser cutting and production machinery .
The new ball screw is compared to a conventional ball screw; in addition to the rotating screw shaft; it also integrates a bearing inside the nut transition; moves along a fixed filament axis. After a minimum of lazy and critical speed Difficulty; completed high-speed work. Current types include; diameters ranging from 25 mm to 50 mm; capable of being properly machined; and supporting bearings for rapid assembly and cooperation.
The current SKF ball screw has been custom-made for growth; it is used for parts such as car wipers; and it is also able to satisfy some special needs!

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