LED emergency lighting

Led emergency light [1] also known as led rechargeable light bulb, led continuous light, led power failure does not extinguish the light, led emergency light combined with general lighting function and power failure emergency lighting function and lighting color can be designed according to different needs, with wide applicability, installation Or easy to replace;

The led emergency light comprises: a bulb head, a casing, a battery, a light source, a lamp cover and an electronic control board; and an accommodating space formed by connecting the lamp cover to the lamp cover via the bulb head, and accommodating the electronic control board, the battery and the light source, and They are connected to each other via wires; wherein the electronic control board converts the AC power into a DC power source and supplies it to the light source, and the electronic control board can detect whether the AC power source reaches a true power failure, and select whether to switch the power source to the battery power source.

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