Five advantages of Hafen trough embedded parts

The device is fast and has low noise.
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The Hafen trough embedded part is called Bobtail in foreign countries. It is a new type of Hafen trough type embedded parts, which can also be called Hafen trough type embedded parts. The HALFEN trough type embedded parts are different from the hexagonal bolts and ring groove rivets for creating pain. The C-row steel embedded parts are more suitable for railway clamping, container, heavy truck, construction, etc. Solar power stations and other areas.

Its Hafen trough embedded parts have five major advantages:

1. The device is fast. More than twice the speed of a conventional ring groove rivet device;

2, no tail. Reduce data waste, low noise, and very good corrosion protection;

3. Higher clamping force and anti-wearing and anti-seismic effect;

4. The smooth and non-oscillating device process of the C-shaped steel embedded parts effectively reduces the impact on the workers and reduces the operator's fatigue;

5, C line steel embedded parts device visual inspection.

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