Design method of ceiling

There are five types of ceilings, such as flat ceilings, profiled ceilings, partial ceilings, grille ceilings, and algae ceilings. The flat ceiling is generally made of PVC board, aluminum gusset, gypsum board, mineral wool sound absorbing board, fiberglass board, glass, etc. The illuminating light lies in the top plane or on the top, because the room top is generally arranged in the bathroom and kitchen. , balcony and entrance.

Partial ceiling

The partial ceiling is a partial ceiling method used to avoid the water, warm and gas pipes at the top of the room, and the height of the room is not allowed to carry out all the ceilings. The best mode of this method is that the water, electricity and gas pipes are close to the side wall, and the effect of the decoration is similar to that of the profiled ceiling.

Shaped ceiling

The profiled ceiling is a kind of partial ceiling, which is mainly used for rooms such as bedrooms and study rooms. In rooms with lower floors, the living room can also adopt special-shaped ceilings. The method is to use the form of a flat suspended ceiling to block the top pipeline in the ceiling, and the top surface can be embedded in the downlight or the built-in fluorescent lamp, so that the top surface after the decoration is formed into two levels, and no depression is generated. Cloud-shaped wavy lines or irregular arcs used in profiled ceilings generally do not exceed one-third of the overall top surface area. If the ratio is greater than or less than this ratio, it is difficult to achieve good results.

Algae ceiling

The premise of this type of ceiling is that your room must have a certain height (above 2.85m) and the room is large. Its style is to make a partial ceiling around the room, which can be designed as one or two layers. The effect of the decoration has the feeling of increasing the height of the space, and can also change the lighting effect of the room.

Grilled ceiling

First use wood as a frame, set with light or frosted glass, and the light source is on the glass. This is also a kind of flat ceiling, but the shape is more vivid and lively than the flat ceiling, and the decorative effect is better. Generally applicable to the restaurant and foyer of the living room. Its advantages are soft, relaxed and natural light.

No ceiling decoration

With the fashion of the decoration, the boom of ceiling decoration has quickly passed. As the housing in the city is generally low, after the ceiling, it feels depressed and dull. Therefore, the top decoration without decoration has become popular. The method of no ceiling decoration is that the top surface is simply flat-shaped, and the modern lighting fixtures are equipped with exquisite corners, which also gives a relaxed and natural style. However, many houses require ceilings because of lighting or special needs, and they need to be specially designed for the top surface. Therefore, whether to ceiling or not, we need to choose according to the actual situation of the room and personal hobbies. And a cleverly conceived ceiling suitable for the characteristics of the house can not only make up for the shortcomings of the room, but also add personality to the living room, so choosing a ceiling is equivalent to choosing your own room expression.

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