Dalian Institute of Materials Research Development of Two-dimensional Perovskite Solar Cells

Two-dimensional (2D) Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) hybrid perovskite semiconductors have received extensive attention from researchers in the field for their excellent stability and optoelectronic properties. Zhang Xu, Ph.D. student of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences under the guidance of researcher Liu Shengzhong of the Thin Film Silicon Solar Cell Research Group (DNL1606) and Professor Zhao Kui of the Shaanxi Normal University, made new progress in the study of crystallization kinetics of two-dimensional perovskite. Related research results were published in Advanced Materials.

This research uses high-energy synchrotron radiation technology to track the phase transition behavior in the process of real-time tracking of the solution of two-dimensional perovskite precursors to form a solid-state thin film. The substrate temperature and solvent properties are studied for two-dimensional perovskite crystallization kinetics, thin films. Phase purity, quantum well alignment, and photovoltaic performance effects. The researchers found that the orderliness of the phase purity and crystal orientation of the two-dimensional perovskite decreased, mainly due to the increase in the nucleation energy barrier of the perovskite when the former “driver-solvent” intermediate state was formed. Therefore, the nucleation and growth of the two-dimensional perovskite by the substrate is the key to the formation of high quality perovskite films. Researchers through the basal-induced crystallization, inhibit the formation of the former "driver-solvent" intermediate states, prompting the two-dimensional quantum well vertical orientation, making it more thermodynamically stable, and further improve the purity of the crystal phase. Since the high-quality perovskite film can greatly improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells, this study provides a theoretical basis for the preparation of high-quality low-dimensional perovskite films and high-performance optoelectronic devices, which will help promote perovskite solar cells. Further to commercial applications.

The above research work was supported by the National Key R&D Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, the Central University Fund, the Ministry of Education's “111 Introduction Program”, the “Thousand People Project” project, and Cornell University's high-energy synchrotron radiation source.

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