7 points for gas stove use

1. Check for leaks at the interface of the gas supply pipe with soapy water, and whether the rubber hose is aging and cracked. It is best to check the hose regularly on the old stove. It is recommended to change it every year.

2. Regularly clean the fire holes on the fire cover to prevent blockage. When the flame of the gas cooker burner is found to be uneven, it can be removed with a brush or a steel needle.

3. After the stove cover is damaged, be sure to purchase the original product, and do not replace it at will, so as to avoid poor combustion.

4. The long-term use of the intake hose will be aging or damaged, posing a safety hazard. Therefore, when the intake hose is aging, it should be replaced in time. Do not use the adhesive tape to make up and continue to use.

5. Indoor air circulation must be maintained during the use of gas cookers.

6. During the use of gas cookers, do not touch the cooktop table with your hands to prevent burns.

7. Do not scrub the gas hole of the gas stove with a grease rag to prevent the air hole from being blocked. (Zhang Liran)

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